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UT and Radeon 8500LE



Ok, Got a Radeon 8500LE, and want to run UT in OpenGL, but it's dark as sin. Any ideas...

Before you say "Use D3D", I was, but the game starts up REAL slow, but opens pretty quick and actually runs better in OpenGL...


I've always noticed that with UT, OGL runs better on my system than D3D (150fps vs 50), and it's darker, however if I have my brightness all the way up inside the game it looks just fine, I'm assuming you've tried that already, but if not, give it a go.

But other than that, I've never come across a fix or anything specifically for the brightness. A friend of mine had a monitor that was dying out and EVERYTHING was dark as hell.

Shamus MacNoob

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Are you using the new catylast drivers?? if so there is a tab for game gamma you could try that ......... I also like powerstrip for that you can make a profile when you click on the destop icon to open the game ( any game) it will set a costom display profile ............ of course you need to make the profiles for each game not all of them need let's say 250%+ brightness


Select to run UT in safe mode from the program group, then select change 3d video device, and at the menu check the radio button at the bottom to show ALL devices.

OGL will now be available.


For some reason UT just crashed... I'm reinstalling...

On the "main screen" Tools > TimeDemo Statistics...

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