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Using XP Home from Dell on more than 1 pc?

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My fiance has a Dell pc with XPHome on it.

I'm looking at buying a new custom pc. Could I use her XPHome installation cd to install XP on my new pc or is it customized to only install on a Dell pc?


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The cd's which ship with factory built pc's are for the specific pc they are shipped with, not just because of drivers etc but to do with licencing.

If you need a second copy of xp you need to buy one, there's no other way. :)


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What you are asking is illegal and against the terms and EULA. Each copy of Windows, whether it is OEM or retail can only be installed on one computer. Home Edition is licensed for one CPU and Professional Edition is licensed for two CPUs (in the same computer).

For that reason we will not discuss this.
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