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Using wireless router for PC antenea?


Overclocked Like A Mother
Hey all,

I am wondering if this can be done,

There is this PC in my neighbors home that is in the basement, His only phone connection is in the top floor of house, wireless router is there too. We have tried a few items for this pc to connect to the wireless network. The PCI cards, usb g-wireless adaptars and such, that we are trying does connect, but the signal is so weak.

I happen to have an extra WRT54G linksys, is there someway that I can connect this to this PC's NIC card, starnd a few feet of network cable and use this router as an antenea? I guess it will come down to the settings within the router GUI, if it can be done.

Thanks in advance,



Debiant by way of Ubuntu
yeah - I have done this - no biggie to do it... how well it might work will largely depend on how long you can make the cable and how much closer you can get the router of course....


Overclocked Like A Mother
Thanks, MFG.

Can you give me some insight as to what you put in as gateway, ipaddresses, LAN, WAN and such?

The internal IP address is now the default Linksys stuff, ( gateway and,)



You have a router plugged into a stand alone PC's NIC and it is talking to another wireless router connected to your WAN MODEM?

This setup I have to hear about.


OSNN Advanced

You have a router plugged into a stand alone PC's NIC and it is talking to another wireless router connected to your WAN MODEM?

This setup I have to hear about.

I know that the Linksys WRT54G is capable of being connected to another wireless router via wireless. Never tried myself though.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
OOPs - no my setup had a WAP and router and I plugged the ROUTER into the LINKSYS... So I guess I misread and you are one router short to do what I suggested.... sorry for confusion!


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
on further reflection - can you not plug the linksys into the router with a long CAT5 to get THAT end nearer the PC downstairs - should give an equally good signal boost and be very trouble free to setup, but I do not know the particular logistics involved....


Overclocked Like A Mother
I am using one of these right now:

But it just doesn't have enough signal to do anything, And it works even less when I use a longer usb cable,

Any other options?



I may actually be insane.
It's possible (If we're talking about the same thing :D)

Get your self a copy of the DD-WRT firmware for the WRT54G, then hop into the (Linksys) router's config, and set it to AP-Mode in the wireless settings.

You then need to set the router name to that of the router your connecting to.

I'm trying to re-call this from (distant) memory, therefore it's not very precise, and I may be missing something, I'll dig out my WRT54G and give it a try in a moment.


I may actually be insane.
Ok, I'm set-up and posting this from my new config. My current set-up is as follows...

Phone line -> Netgear modem/router -> ((Wireless signal)) -> Linksys WRT54G -> Ethernet -> iBook.

First things first, I wrote down the name of my netgear wireless router (NETGEAR) and its IP address (

I then disabled the iBooks wireless card, and hooked it to the linksys via ethernet, my Linksys was already set to IP, if yours isn't already, then set it to this in the admin panel.

I installed DD-WRT and reset everything to factory defaults, once the Linksys had rebooted I opened and clicked the "setup" tab, which gave me the option to change the router name (doesn't need doing, other than for personal preference) and also the "Gateway" address, which I did to the address of the Netgear router.

After applying that, head over to the wireless tab/section, and change the "Wireless mode" to "Client" and the "Wireless Network Name (SSID)" to the name of your wireless router, in my case "NETGEAR" save the settings, wait a minute or two, and voilla. Magic.

Also, if the wireless signal isn't strong enough still head into Wireless->Advanced settings, then change the "Xmit power" value. I'd recommend going only as high as 150, higher results in a noisy signal which doesn't work very well.


Overclocked Like A Mother

Thanks bud, will give it whirl later on tonight,

Hmmm, leads me to my next question: Can the WRT54G be used as a repeater?

Ahh, sooo much to ponder,

Thanks Speedster,



Debiant by way of Ubuntu
... Can the WRT54G be used as a repeater?...
that is what I was suggesting... I think -

.... Hang on no you mean picking up wirelessly and transmitting? No I doubt that - I was suggesting running a long CAT5 to get your XMIT point closer to your antenna... I am guessing that is not helpful then?


There is no answer!
Political User
MFG and heeter i am possitive you can use a router as a repeater, at least i know you can make an access point a repeater and a router is an access point with more features.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
yeah - on second thoughts that must have been what I was doing more or less - oh heck so long ago I am not sure I remember - but it sure makes common sense to me. Would the repeater have any overheads though? Depending on what heater has available maybe the long CAT5 to the Router might be a better option? After all I imagine with a double wireless point the possibilities for signal loss increase, this is avoided with the CAT run, no?

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