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Using Profiles in a NT Domain



I have a new Windows XP Professional PC. I've signed onto the PC as a NT 4.0 Domain user and have authorized that user as an administrator in XP. I've installed programs and changed all settings for that user. Now, I want to replicate these settings to anyone else that logs onto that PC using their Domain logon. I could not figure out how to do this. When I look at the Desktop and Startup folders for this user, nothing is there so there is nothing to copy - I've turned on show all files. Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks!


You will need to make the changes to the default user profile if you wish to have any user that logs in to this workstation have the shortcuts on the desktop and program items. This is not a user that logs in, this a template that is used when a user logs on to this workstation and does not have a profile.


xp m0nk3y
what you want to do is copy the one profile to another. its real easy: right click my computer -> properties -> advanced tab -> under user profiles click settings -> select the user account u wish to copy click copy to and choose the folder you want to copy the profile to. now you have 2 accounts that are the same.



Thanks You!

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I did a search on Microsoft's support site for "default profile" and found an article that helped. Turns out that the "Default Profile" is not created on XP until you create a user under User Accounts and log in as that user. You then change settings under this new user then logon as Administrator to copy the settings. What a mess.

This worked well for desktop settings. I found that in order to get Office XP to work properly for all users I had to copy the entire CD to the hard drive and install from there. Otherwise, when a new user started Word, it started an install process and asked for the Office XP CD.

Thanks again!!!

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