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using icqphone at shared network?



hi, i am using a hub + winrouter pro (software) to share my cable modem connection. however my friends' pc are not directly connected to the internet so they r unable to use icq phone to talk directly with others, where i can do it on my pc. is there any way or settings i can do so that they can use icq phone to talk directly to others outside the network?

thanks~ :)


the problem is that i dunno how to map them... for example, my pc (server) has 2 IP, 20x.xxx.xx.xx and, where 20x is for cable modem, 192 is for LAN. when i tried to do port mapping, it's asking the following details:

Protocal: TCP/UDP etc (i should use TCP only or TCP/UDP?)
Listen IP: well, i guess 20x in this case, am i right?
Listen port: single port, but i dunno what port icqphone is using
Destination ip: supposed to be my friend's pc ip in LAN right? for example
Destination port: er... i dunno too
Allow access only from: dunno....

and let say listen port is using default icq phone port, that means i am not able to use it when my friend is using?

again, thanks for any help~~~ ;)
Protocol: Depends on what the application uses.
Listen IP: The 20x, right
Listen port: Find it out :)
Destination ip: Friends IP, yes.
Destination port: Same as listen port.
Allow access only from: Everywhere? Just leave it blank if you can.

You may not be able to use ICQ phone, no. But I'm not sure. I think you can set ICQ to only use specific ports (say 2300-2500 or something). Then you could port map those through and hope that it will work (no guarantees! ;)).

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