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Using Bootable CD For Emergency Recovery



I'm new to XP. I need help to understand how to get out of trouble if/when I(eventually)crash my hard drive.

I used Nero 5.578 software to create a bootable CD (actually a DVD) & ISO backup on an HP DVD100i burner. I used the so-called "Easy Way" process shown in Dr D's Windows page. Just about all of the contents (less a few unwanted programs) of my hard drive are on this CD, as well as the "Village Idiots" 2.88MB Boot Image File".

With the bootable CD in my D: (DVD) drive, I can boot into a Dos window alright. I've also checked to be sure that contents of my hard drive are on this CD - they are.

The problem is I am unable to get past this point in testing the CD to see if it's capable of restoring my (C:) hard drive when needed.

In the DOS screen, I get an A: prompt ok but when I enter the so-called Nero restore command A:\>nrestore, I just get an invalid command error. I've also tried entering different drives (C:, D:, E:, F:) & only get an invalid drive error.

What am I doing wrong? What can I do to be prepared with a good backup, & a way to a launch it, when it's needed?

Your assistance will be very much appreciated. Dick


Your best bet for creating backups would be either Norton Ghost or PartitionQuest Drive Image.


Thanks for the reply Allan but it isn't of much help in trying to resolve the question of making a bootable cd work. Do you have any advice to offer regarding that subject?


Sorry Dick. While I can talk about bootable disks, I am not at all familiar with the method you describe (Dr D). I can point you to www.bootdisk.com for a full range of bootable options - hope that helps a little.
also if you wanted the nrestore command to work, you'd have to make sure that nrestore was located on the very first directory of the cd...or else you'd have to navigate to where the exe is and run it from there.

What happens when you type in dir at the prompt


Allan, Thanks again for trying to be helpful. I'll have a look at the site you suggested. Best regards, Dick


Thanks Qumahlin for the reply.

Typing dir at A: returns a screen full of .sys, .com, .bat, .hlp & .exe files but I don't recall seeing anything resembling "nrestore.exe". I'll take another look & let you know if it's there.

If it isn't, how do I get that puppy into the directory you mentioned? Please reply in plain english, being concise & specific. You're dealing with a genuine DOS dummy here. Best regards, Dick


Hi Qumahlin,

I looked into both the boot image files as well as the directories of my ISO backup but there is no sign of "NRESTORE" in either.

I had another input on this issue suggesting that a CDROM driver for my drive may not be loaded in the boot iimage files. This appears to be the case; but again, this dummy isn't sure how to install such a driver where ever it needs to go.

Your assistance is very much appreciated. Dick

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