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Using 2 Routers and a Hub question

I would like to add an wireless router into my network. I have a Linksys BSFR401(?)that goes out to a 3-com 24 Port HUB. I would like to add wireless access using a NetGear MR814v2. If I go from the hub to the Netgear, how would I be able to access the "NetGear" setup page? Once I get to the setup page how would I go about setting everything up?


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Im confused, you are just replacing one for the other right? I could not find specs for the Linksys you listed so from this point on I am going to assume it was a router as well.. Anyway your network should go:

NetGear MR814v2 ----> HUB ---> to devices (CPUS)

The Linksys should be removed, you should never have 2 routers before your hub, it gets confusing and you could end up with IP Loops (doubtful with home Cable/DSL routers, but still). Also, If you are trying to create a DMZ then it should look like this...

MR814v2 ----> to a Firewall device or PC with 2 NICs 1 in 1 out ---> HUB ----------> devices (CPUS)

I hope this helps, if not, and you are dead set what is the reason behind keeping the other router? If this helps please add to my Rep, thanks!
This is what I want to do

Linksys ----->Hub-------->Netgear------> Wireless access.

The reason I want to do it this way is because, I'm inside a metal building and the signal isn't all that strong. I have people visit once and a while who need wireless access. Instead of swapping everything out between the Linksys and the NetGear. I just want to take the quicker way out.

All my ports on my Linksys are occupied thats why I'm using the 3com Hub.
So the Linksys is too far away to be replaced by the Netgear because of signal strength?

Another idea would be:

Netgear -- Linksys -- Hub -- Computers

This to protect the internal wired computers from tampering if you get unautorized access on the wireless network. Though communication between the LAN and WLAN computers will be hard. ;)

Another thing. If you want to build it the way you showed, than a router isn't what you want. You want an access point (AP).
I took out the Linksys and tried to Use the NetGear by itself. The signal is 47% which isn't the greatest but will work. For some reason the NetGear wouldn't renew the IP, when I tried to release/renew everything stayed "0". I even rebooted the cable modem and still had no luck. I set the Netgear the same as I did my Linksys DCHP Disabled.


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Sinister you have the right Idea but you still do not want a router, Zedric is correct you would want to build it almost the way you showed. most likely something like this: Prosafeā„¢ 802.11g Wireless Access Point would be the perfect solution

Router--->Hub----> Wireless Access Point

In this way you would have access to the network and have the choice of connecting computers either to the hub or choosing to use the WAP provided.
As for your other problem, you might be able to get a cable/dsl router with 8 or 16 ports as well... I wouldnt skimp the 802.11G is the way to go and at about $20-60 difference per model the 802.11G standard blows 802.11B out of the water for performance vs cost analysis... but its totally dependent on how much you (or your friends) use your wireless connection. Also, what they use it for comes into play as well... I hope I helped...




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nice drawing Michael, what prog did you use to make that?
It doesnt look like Visio... fill me in I need something for my network drawings at home


Admiral Michael said:
Myself, I have a main router which is for the net, and the others are just uplinked to that.
Are you using the WAN ports on the wireless routers or just connection up to the LAN switch?

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