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users SHOULD hybernate

Perris Calderon

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users SHOULD hibernate

true, though due to some hardware restrictions, not everybody will be able to.

first some comparisons between standby, hibernate, and shutdown

Standby is supposed to spin hard drives down and bring power consumption down so that cooling mechanisms can also be turned off...all this while maintaining power to physical memory so data in ram isn't lost...this makes for super fast sleep and super fast resume....this is best case scenario.

Some desktop machines don't actually have power controls that will be able to have hardrive spin down and still maintain the power that's needed to keep data in RAM, so standby won't work that well on these machines.

Now, when in standby the system isn't "running" even though in some systems the fans may be on! (maintaining the power supply unit, which in some machines need to stay in full power mode to maintain RAM, and the fans will be invoked)...in standby, you might think the system is running because the fans are on, but the system isn't running.

In standby,CPU isn't executing any instructions (it can't process interrupts) and it's in a "low power" "sleep".

Data in memory are held Standby...most devices are powered down completely...now, since a powered off device loses its user info, those devices have to save it's data in RAM...thus, they'll be able to resume when called sometimes without reading from the hardrive.

There are devices that are enabled to wake the system when a user invokes that device, a mouse, a keyboard, a monitor...this is discriminatory to the manufacturer.

on my laptop, the only hardware that can wake the box is the power switch!!!, nothing else wakes this thing up

as told, some machines have to keep the fans spinning...however, hardrive could still spin down, and this is a much lower power consumption then with the system on, but not as low as hypbernate...Laptop power controllers are usually better at this.

now, hibernate is similar, EXCEPT, RAM contents are saved on disk instead of in RAM...therefore, RAM can be powered off.!

Obviously, the rest of the machine can therefore be powered down as well... more devices can be powered down in hibernate than in standby, and hibernate uses virtually no power, (except possibly a miniscule amount for sleep state for the devices empowered to "wake" the system), while standby uses quite a bit more.

with both hibernate and standby when you wake the computer, the OS doesn't boot, and that is sweet if you can get it to work, you won't need to save, you won't need to close your applications, nothing.

Something not too many people know is that the os will actually try a few different "standby states"...starting with the one that uses the least amount of power...deepest is called "s3"...the os tries that first to see if any devices have trouble with it...it then tries "s2, "s1" respectively, and this can actually change from standby to standby depending on what the user has running


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Though I know most of what has been mention in this thread, I've never actually given it much thought to be honest. I never use standby, and have only ever used hibernate on my laptop (only coz battery was dying). :p
I always use shut down, which as mention, closes all applications and requires work to be saved.
To me, I think the thing that irratates me is the fact that I have to 'log in' when windows wakes up from hibernation. I'm too used to powering up and letting everything load up - up to the point where I can just click on the internet browser or whatever I want to open.


Dabba Dooba
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i think u can turn the login off when "powering" back up from hibernation.

Edit: just go to the power options and then click the advanced tab and unclick the prompt for password thing.


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hybernate rocks ;) it is just so quick and easy to do, it wont work on my laptop :( must be a driver somewhere (i am still trying to figure which)

it is ideal for old pcs, my main pc can hibernate/resume 10X faster than it can shutdown/boot :D


Dabba Dooba
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dont use really but i guess will tonight and see if i like it. Otherwise good ol start,turn off computer,shutdown works for me :)
Standby and Hibernate are god-sends, especially on mobile systems.

I rarely ever use shutdown anymore...the wake-up time from standby/hibernate is almost instantaneous. My notebook hibernates every night, and I use Standby during the day. If I have a break between classes, I get some work done, put the machine into standby, toss it into my backpack and head off to the next lecture. :)

My old desktop at home remains on during the day, then hibernates at night. Standby isn't used much on that machine.
Check the power options under Control Panel. It can be enabled or disabled from there.
Once it's enabled, if you use the XP-styled shutdown box, you'll need to hold down the shift key - the Standby option changes to Hibernate. If you're using the classic Win2k-styled shutdown box, it'll just appear as the fourth option in the dropdown box.

Perris Calderon

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Johnny said:
I thought XP didn't give the option of hybernate anymore. Atleast my pc the option isn't there ..
some people HAVE lost the option since sp2

it usually indicates they're using XP's native VGA drivers.

video adapter drivers probably need to be reinstalled.

Visit the support web site of the manufacturer of your video card adapter and download the latest drivers, before installing them, uninstall the old drivers.

If it''s a laptop, go to the manufacturer's website and try find the video adapter drivers there.

After installing, right-click the desktop,Properties > Settings, change the Color
Quality to your liking, then adjust your Screen Resolution, and then apply

Evil Marge

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I always shut down to save on the electric,I know standby and hibernate use less but each day it's adding money on your lecci bill.
All our tv's are never left on standby as they still use electric and all our sockets are switched of at the wall when not in use as they can still have power running through them :laugh:


Secret Goat Fetish
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hibernate uses NO power ;) it closes down very similar to a shutdown in that eveything turns off, but it saves the contents off the ram to the harddrive. when it boots up the info is put straight back into the ram, so it boots extremly fast and to the exact way it was when you hibernated right down to open files etc.

give it a go :p

also you can just click "turn off computer" + then the letter "H" ;)

Perris Calderon

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another nice feature, is by pressing f8 before the resume is complete, you can actually delete the memory that's been written to the hardrive and go to normal boot options


OSNN Advanced
Tried it on my lappy last night... Just switched it on and it shot up like lightning.. Much faster than the usual full boot. :) oh.. no need to 'log in' too. Thanx Tittlebitties. and Perris for the thread. :D

Perris Calderon

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also, just so missinformation isn't spread.

hybernate doesn't use the pagefile to store the data in RAM, it uses the hibernate file...

this is obviously becuase differant from a reboot, the contents of the pagefile before hibernate are still being used by the os on resume


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