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Userenv Errors (2) - Pics inside, shutdown problem


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Hey everybody, everytime I try to shut down / reboot, I will click the button, I will be kicked out to desktop. I won't be able to do anything, can't open any programs, can't hit ctrl+alt+del for task manager, nothing. I looked in my Application Messages, and here is what I've seen.

Any ideas?


Userenv errors are profile related.
They generally occur in windows network environments rather than on a standalone system.

Each time you logoff from your user profile or shutdown the system Windows has to save settings to bring them back at next logon. You can see it from the shutdown procedure, a system window says *Saving settings*.
*Saving settings* is basically checking the user section of the registry. Windows checks the registry for modifications, writes the changes and then you're out of the system (*Shutting down*).
This final process must be done when NOTHING from the user is still running on the machine: when something is still running in the background the shutdown process hangs... means user profile files are in use as well as the registry, they cannot be processed for modifications and the session can't be closed.

The weird thing now is you appear to have some backgroung app/service during final system operations: you're not supposed to get to that *Saving settings* stuff if you have other processes running.
The result is your profile do not update correctly for next sessions.

Do you experience any profile settings loss when this happen?

Anyway if you browse through your system services you should notice a third party service running under your user account (not as localsystem or network as the error says), instruct that service to run under system account and you should fix this mess.


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Thank you for the reply. Sad to say though that I see nothing running under User. Instead I see like 4 Network Services, 10 Local Services, and the rest being Local Machine... That's a lot of services to choose from, I have no idea which one to use. :(


can't say for sure as I can't see what is running on your machine.
try focusing on non MS services, possibly application or hardware related service...


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Do you have any general ideas as to what I should look for? Is there any way I can get into contact with you, so that when I get home from school I will be able to write up a list and show you? I think that would be the best way, what pisses me off is all I ever had with Windows 2000 after the last update was a problem with the UserEnv.


the thing is you should check properties per each service, so a list might not help a lot.
you can pm me if you need

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