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UserData folder


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In my Documents and Settings folder I have the usual folders for Favorites, Desktop settings, etc... I also have a "UserData" folder that contains other folders with names that have 8 letters or numbers (it appears to be random generation). The files are empty. What is this UserDatafolder used for and can I delete it? Or the folders in it? Does it risk my privacy in any way like cookies can? :eek:


Well I just took a look at the userData dir on my system, and it appears to have something to do with windows update. maybe someone else knows if it is safe to delete it or not.
I seem to remember that this folder is one of the 'hidden' Temporary Internet Files folder. M$ likes to make sure the authorities have a 'back door'. You will never find anything in these folders, they are well and truly hidden. I used to know how to gain access, but I have forgotten, and also it was a very long winded DOS method!!
If you obtain a copy of either Evidence eliminator from:
OR East-Tec Erasor from:
these utilities allow you to erase all sensitive data, and shows you where all the data is, VERY eye opening, lots and lots of stuff you didn't even know you had!!


p.s. I could be VERY wrong!!


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They usually will a remnant of a Windoz update... then they will be empty.

They really don't take up any space that you should worry about... So just leave them be. Don't do anything to them. They don't hurt anything.

My opinion anyway.:)

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