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User Notes enabled.

Electronic Punk

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User notes have now been enabled for all registered (and +) OSNN members, so now as well as reputation you can leave, in your own words, comments about users. This is not anonymous and naturally if it is abused the feature will become unavailable to that user.

The link (as well as the comment count) can be found in your user profile under the "Forum Info" section.

For an example, please see below.


There a quite a few options with this feature, some of them may be altered over time.


Woah.. I'm still here?
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oo i can edit geffy's notes :p
Nope, sorted now.
Told you some options would need sorting :)
Ok.. reviving a way old thread.. and assuming EP's comment was referring to Gonzo's comment..

but, if it was sorted before, it's broken again now :) (not that anyone uses user notes..) but I was playing around with them and noticed that I can edit any existing user note..

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