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Use winamp to play all video files.


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If you are like me and use winamp you will also want to play the video files as well. Here is how you can use it to play all video files - I have tried to play actual dvd's yet, but that will come here.

I came across this because I was trying to use it to play mp4 video files. At default it won't do it, it will only play the audio portion. So you have to tweak it.

What you do is this: Make sure you have the correct codecs installed or this will not work. You don't need to install the actual programs and use the alternative versions, like real player alternative or quicktime alternative if you want.

To play mp4 video: Winamp is not set to faultless play mp4 video so what you do is go to preferences/plugins/input/mpeg-4 audio decoder select config and delete everything except "m4v". Then go to directshow decoder and select config, then add "MP4;M4V" so the direct show decoder should have "MPEG;MPG;M2V;AVI;MP4;M4V"

With that you will be able to play mp4 video in winamp. You can also do it with ther formats as well. For example; if you want to play mov files, just add ";mov" in the directshow decoder. To play real media just add "[FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica];RA;RM;RMVB"[/FONT]. To play mkv files add ";mkv" ..

You can also set it to play Vob files. Dvd files. Just add ";vob" to the directshow decoder

Here is why my directshow decoder looks like:


Try it and see what you think. I am liking it so far : )


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Ive tried doing this exactly how you said it but now my MKV file DOESNT WORK AT ALL !!

What should I do I pasted in that command parameter ! but it just wont work at all now, previously when that ;MKV command wasnt listed there it worked fine with ONLY AUDIO not the VIDEO !

Can you give me any more suggestions why that results ?


Kind Regards,



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This is from 2009, and I have since moved away from winamp and use foobar. But, I will do some research here and see what I can come up with.

But putting .MKV in like I said in the directions will work.

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