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USB2 CoolDisk External Hard Disk Box

I have one of these USB2 hard disk boxes, containing a 6GB hard disk and it works Ok, once it gets recognised.

Why is it hard sometimes to get it recognised?


Why does the USB lead split at the computer end into two identical USB plugs?
My computer, a P4 2.4GHz laptop with 512MB memory running XP Home always recognises the controller, the PCMCIA USB 2.0 card and other devices that I plug into it - such as a Smartcard reader and a scanner. It is only the hard drive in the USB Cooldisk hard card box that often does not get recognised.

Anyone know the website for the Cooldisk boxes?
Just a footnote.

When I use USB 1 with the USB drive it is always recognised.

Must be some incompatibility between drive box, USB2 PCMCIA card, XP Home or the computer.

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