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ive been trying to change to NIC instead of USB.

i installed my NIC card and plugged it into my SB4100 motorola surf board and unplugged the USB and restarted. but when i came back i had no connection so i'm guessing its not as simple as that? can any1 offer any advice on how to get it working?

i'm on XP
using motorola surfboard SB4100 on NTL:Broadband 128K

and my NIC card is:
SiS 99 Fast ethernet adaptor

Kevin Ar18

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Some cable companies require you to "register" your Ethernet Mac address with them. If you don't you can't get on the internet with that Ethernet card.

Kevin Ar18

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Did you uninstall your USB software?

Also, remove your drivers for the ethernet card (incase it has been preconfigured for something else) and allow Windows to reinstall it.


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Do you know if a straight-through or cross-over cable is needed to connect to the modem? I know here in my area we have two major dsl providers, one uses a straight-through cable to connect to the router and the other uses a cross-over cable. Check your link light on your nic and/or router to see if there is a connection.

No light = No connection = No work


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You might have to reset your cable modem. My rca has a little button you press with the end of a paper clip, or of course you can just unplug it for a few minutes.



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I too have a SB4100 modem through NTL. I changed from USB to NIC a while back, as the MAC address is on the modem itself, you have to get it to 'forget' it was connected to a computer at all by unplugging it from the computer and the power for about 4 hours. Then, when you come to plug it back in and hook it up to the computer again it will take the NIC as the connection from the modem to the computer.

Worked for me.
check the lights on the back of your NIC are lit up (it may be the case that not all of the lights are lit up... but just one is enough to tell you that the correct cable is being used (crossover or straight)).

Reboot your modem and PC. Go to "start" and then "run" and enter "cmd" (without quotes) and click OK. type in "ipconfig" and check the IP is something like 10.x.x.x (x = any value). If it is, open MSIE and go to http://autoreg.autoregister.net or http://start.ntl and follow the instructions - you may need to call NTL tech support, but I very much doubt it. When you've gone through the settings, reboot your modem and PC. When it has rebooted, check the IP again (going through start, run, cmd, ipconfig) and it shouldnt be a 10.x.x.x or a 192.168.x.x or a 169.x.x.x - it is more likely to be a 213.x.x.x style IP.

Thats how I sorted it when I changed NIC anyway... although I use the NTL pace stb with integrated modem... so it may be different

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