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USB Thumbdrive Layout


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So I now have a 8GB, 16GB and a 32GB thumbdrive.

I was going to get a 4GB instead of the 8GB but it was a good deal. I am going to use the 8GB as my Windows 7 installation drive. So I can get rid of my discs. Would be better if it was 4GB so I would have no left over space. You can't make a bootable USB thumbdrive with 2 OS's on it can you?

The 16GB is probably going to be my portable apps drive, though that shouldn't take up all that much room. I was wondering what else is good to put on there with the portable apps? Any other tools, techniques, cool things people do with these etc.

And just to finish it off, the 32GB is for media when needed, so not help needed there.


OSNN Veteran Original
I don't actually have a disc. Well what I mean is I have a burned disc and a legit key. My Windows copy is from Technet. Stored on my system, backed up with my backup software. And that was not my question! lol

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