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USB Short Circuit?


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is it possible that when you plug in a device into a port, it can cause like a short circuit or spark or something and completely shut down your system? i think this happened to me yesterday and i burnt my webcam because of it.

thx, Apu


If the wire is damaged or the USB port is wired wrong then the computer WILL lockup... There is a 5vdc feed on the USB line... My father did his wrong so I've seen it... But the was no permanant damage to the hardware...

Maybe the cord had a short to start with... They do wear out...


Caffeine-->Code Converter
hmm, im not sure that the cord was the problem since i bought the hardware last monday, so its been 5 or 6 days since the first use.
damn, how can i know if its damaged or not?

thx, Apu


What happens when you plug something else into the USB port?!?
Or try THE OTHER port and see what happens...


Caffeine-->Code Converter
nothing happens if i plug a usb cd writer in for instance. it works perfectly, on the other port everything works perfectly as well except for the cam.

jak deth

Sounds like a sftw issue. have you set the cam up properly. Most usb devices want the software installed 1st, reboot and then plug the usb device in. it should say new hdw. found and then go about installing it.

USB ports are made so the cable can go in one way only so I doubt you shorted anything out. As you know there is approx. a 10% failure rate for hdw. from the manufacturer, so if it isn't working at all I would return it, either to the store or call the manufacturer, get a RMA and get a new device and see if that is the problem.

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