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Does anyone know about the bandwidth used/allowed when multiple usb devices are connected to one computer. I have been having trouble with a USB isdn modem/box for about 2 months, today i noticed a usb icon appear on my task bar and click it before it dissappeared. I was saying that i was using too much bandwidth. I have the asus A7N8X mobo c/w 4 USB ports (i think 2 sets of 2 and a self powered usb hub, i have 4 appliances connected and a digital camera when downloading photos.I have now configured it so th ISDN modem and the webcam are not in the same 'bank'. This seems to have solve the problem for now.So if anyone can shed any light on the bandwidth problem it would be much appreciated. How much USB appliances could i have connected to the one PC. Cheers in advance.


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not sure...i have a keyboard,mouse,digicam,printer,scanner all conected + on @ same time with no probs:p


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Is it possible to reconfigure the dsl modem to interface with RJ-45? (as I see your mobo has ethernet support)
This would surely solve the problem....
....however max bandwidth on USB? sorry m8, I'm the same a Henyman; I know what i've got and that works OK so....

Although you can check ther throughput of USB in device manager, so that might throw some light on it a bit


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Originally posted by brocher
i think 2 sets of 2 and a self powered usb hub
is that an external usb hub? if so that could be your prob, they draw a lot of power, it's better to have a usb hub powered by the mains/batteries so it dont suck the power that would outherwise be going to your devices (especilly if there high powed devices such as web cams etc)


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the bandwidth of USB 1.1 is 12Mbps, USB 2.0 is 480Mbps.

The main problem could be power, if you open Device Manager and click on the USB root hub devices, then you can look at the bandwidth and power being transmitted.


On USB, look for not necessarily how many devices ,but more how many self powered devices such as printers scanners ext h/drives, cameras ,you try to use or have powered up @the same time.
Mouse / keyboard and the like, are not a problem.
Possibly try to use separate USB hubs (PCI cards etc, to spread the bandwidth load.
Also PSU might need upgrade to 350w or more , for such as my system with 7 USB items

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