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USB Modem



I have a Gatway 2500 with XPpro. I am trying to set up a cell phone for remote internet use. But when I go into "add a new modem", there is not any ports availiable to chose from to use as a modem. My phone is a Sanyo 4900 and hooks into the USB port to connect to the computer. I need to now if there is a setting somewhere that I need to change so I can choose my usb ports as a modem. Hope this makes sense...


I have a USB modem and it works like this. When I plug it in it installs the driver (naturally). Then it show up as a modem on COM3. I never choose what port to use.


I set this up with a nokia 8210, using IR.

I had to install a 'software suite' from the nokia site before it would detect the phone via IR.

You might have a similar problem. Is there any software available for your cell phone? You might find you have to 'install' the cell phone before you can see it.

I just checked Sanyo.com for you....

Read this http://www.sanyo.com/consumer/communications/downloads/Scp-4900_user.pdf

It tells you to install the software for the phone from a CD. Read the section on 'Setting Up a Web Connection'.

jak deth

Interesting idea, using a cell phone as a "wireless" modem. What I wonder about is the cost. At so much per minute it is bound to cost qiute a bit. I also wonder about the xfer speeds. Even with a 3G phone I seriously doubt you can get better than 28k a sec and prolly 14k is a stretch.

I worked at Verizon as a consultant during a W2K migration a while back and a group were beta testing a wireless high speed "modem" connection on a specific frequency spectrum. They were getting 1mbs or better but there were a few problems. One was Verizon was quite reluctant to give up that frequency spectrum for wireless modem use as they wanted to save it for the new 3G phones and the services they can provide, the other was they also wanted to charge by the packet, which would get very pricey. esp if you wanted to dwnld 650mb.


er.......personally I don't consider this a replacement for a standard hard wired solution. But, if like myself you have a laptop and you want to pick up your email at the bus stop or a bench in the middle of a park, what other solution would u suggest!

incidentally, i have used terminal services over cell phone dial up with acceptable results.

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