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USB Modem question



Does anyone know if a USB modem still uses a com port? I know it uses a USB connection to be plugged in, but for the fax program I use, it only goes by com port numbers, and doesn't use the Windows TAPI. So, which brings to my question, does a USB modem also gets assigned a com port, so that software that do not use the TAPI can still use the modem? The USB modem I was thinking of getting is the USR 56k v92 USB modem (model 5633A).
Yes they normally have a simulated COM port, often COM3. You can check in your modem drivers which port it gets. Just point your fax drivers to the same port. Hopefully it will work.


Yeah, I know high speed is better, but I need it for faxing, and I don't really want to use those Internet faxing service, as they cost money everytime you send a fax out. Also, i never know when the modem may come in handy, say for example, my high speed is down temporary, and the ISP offers a modem backup for dialup.

Originally posted by Kermit
If I may give my opinion I dont like usb modems ...I think your better off with the nic card and a good dsl modem

just my opinion :)

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