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have u tried without the case? (as in plugging it internally)

also, whats the error it gives you when u try to format?


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Hmmm... I don't think I can plug it in internally. I want to use it as a large flash drive with a desktop computer to tranfer large files from one system to another, not with a laptop.

The error it gives me is just that it can't find the specific file, it will see it but it cancels out... What does that mean?
1) Does the computer see the ext case as a USB device?
2) Does the Windows Device Manager see a HD inside the USB case?
3) Have you set the ext HD as a Basic or ? ? HD? (I forgot the name)
New feature for removable drives.
4) If you can see the HD will it quick format?
5) If it formatted have you created the partitions?

Once all of that is done it should be able to read and write. Unfortunatley the external HD I just added I formatted inside the PC so I don't know if there are any more new fetaures since the last time I installed a new drive.

There was one quirk I heard of. Some SATA drives/MBs had a quirk where you had to install a jumper on the HD to make it SATA I to do the initial format. One of my PCs has this annoying feature so I found out the hardway. The SATA case may hae the same quirk. Google forcing SATA I on SATA II drives to find out the jumper position.

If it turns out you have to format internally, places like meritline have 2.5 inch connector adapter kits for $5-10 to use with laptop drives in desktop PCs.
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It's a 2.5inch SATA drive. SATA is the same, you just plug it into a desktop as you would a 3.5inch drive. Which is why I love SATA, no adapters needed.


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Check disk management and see if it shows up as a new volume, if not, you can do it from there.


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Ok.. Sorry for the long pause in response.

This is what I get from auto load after plugging in the USB drive,

Click open and Explorer will see it,

This comes up when I try and format from windows explorer, all seems fine so far.

Now I get the drive is in use, format anyway.... ? What? of course it's in use... Sure, format anyway.

No such luck.....

Go to computer management... It's there....

Try and delete volume...

What specific file?.... Unable to format...

Computer management/device manager says it's connected.. I also set the USB drive to optimal performance. No luck..

Sorry for the long post...

Edit: 11th Apr. 2009

Ok I have an E-Sata external case plugged into a pci expantion card, today I thought I'd try and see if the hookups inside the case were the same as the USB hookups.

Hah!! It plugged right in, so I could format it NTFS that way..

After I formatted it, I stuck it back into the USB case and plugged it in...

Works like a charm now. :) Thanks for the points guys... Alls well!
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