USB 7 and 8 don't work


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My USB ports 7 and 8 do not work on my ASUS P4P800E-Deluxe motherboard with BIOS 1009 (ports 1-6 do work). I added the two USB ports that came with the motherboard, connected the wire on the right connector on the mobo but it doesn't work... Now I have two extra USB ports on the back but no working USB ports on the front of my case or the other way around.

Using WinXP SP2. Does anyone have a solution?


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I would reference your motherboard manual, it sounds as if you might not have your wires connected correctly.

Do they show up in the device manager? If not, I would definitely say it's a wiring issue...


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I installed the new USB ports with the manual in my hands (well, laying next to me on the floor). I connected the wires to the right pins as described in the manual.

In the devicemanager I have this (without exclamation or any other marks):

generic usb hub
5 x Intel (R) 8280 1EB USB Universal Host Controller
support for usb printing
5x usb main hub
(translated from Dutch, I hope you and others understand what I mean)
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As long as everything looks good in the device manager, i.e. no yellow exclamation points or question marks, it has to be a wiring issue.

Also could be a problem with the motherboard itself, maybe the panel has a short?


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No I don't think it is a wiring problem, because if I connect the wires from the 2 extra USB ports to the connector for ports 5 and 6 then it works fine. If I then connect USB 5 and 6 to the connector for ports 7 and 8 then 5 and 6 don't work.

Any other solutions?


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What do you mean by do not work?
-Do the ports not work at all, or are do they work at USB 1.1 speed?
-Does windows recognize any devices plugged into the ports?
-If you plug a USB keyboard or mouse in do they light up?

Assuming they do not work at all, check the following:
-Make sure that you do not have functions like "infrared support or internal memory card readers" turned on in bios. They often use the last 2 USB port ID's so they are not usable externally.
-Make sure that no extra drivers need to be installed for 7 & 8.
-Check the manual to make sure that you don't have to enable USB 7&8 seperately in the Bios.


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The ports do not show up in devicemanagement, also when I attach an usb mouse to the ports the mouse does not work.

I tried to install extra drivers from the cd that came with the mobo, but the install program stated that I do not need any drivers because I use WinXP Pro SP2.

I will dive into the BIOS this afternoon and see what USB settings there are. Had not thought about that yet, so thanks for the tip.


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Also sounds like the panel on your motherboard is faulty. If the BIOS thing doesn't work out, you may want to look into that.


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hansrijf said:
I will dive into the BIOS this afternoon and see what USB settings there are. Had not thought about that yet, so thanks for the tip.
No, BIOS settings were ok. Have given up, I think there is no power on the USB78 header. Can't find an appropriate jumpersetting either... so I suspect a fault in the mobo.

Thanks anyway!

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