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how can i tell that an external enclosure has full speed USB on it (the full 480mb\sec). i know there was a news post on it a ways back but i forgot it. it said you can tell if the device was fully usb 2.0 compatible by the name. thanks in advance.


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if there is no noticeable drop in performance you are fine..

remember that most of the posted speeds are always max theoretical... you are not likely to get anywhere near that with average actual speeds...

but it is faster than usb 1.1...

the product's website should have info on whether it is usb 2.0 or not... dunno if you can tell purely by the name...

also I dunno if there is a meter some place that can measure transfer rates... would be a nice little tool to tell you the performance :)


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if it's an external harddrive, couldn't you a harddrive benchmark on it and find it's max burst speed?

expect about 40-50mb/sec. in case you're not aware, the 480mbps is "megabits per second".. so divide that by eight since there are 8 bits to one byte to get 60mb/sec (megabytes per second). then subtract 10-20% for overhead.


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thanks for the replies but there was a news post saying that if the box said something like high speed usb 2.0 or something like that it didnt run at full speeds but like in the middle (or maybe its to late for and im really just sleeping right now and dreaming?)


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Originally posted by taurus
if it's an external harddrive, couldn't you do a harddrive benchmark on it and find it's max burst speed?
just reinstating. :)
that would tell you it's throughput, after all.

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