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US vs England


I just returned home from the US vs England game. Drove half way across the country to watch it and it was worth it. All the goals were on the half of the field were our seats were. It was my first International match too bad the US lost, had a lot of chances. If anyone is a soccer fan i suggest to go to one, was a great atmosphere. Drinking at 10 in the morning. Can't go wrong with that.


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I watched the whole game. It was pretty good. The US played a good match but just couldn't squeeze out the couple of really good chances they had. The goal right before half time killed them though. They got lazy and England took advantage. It was neat though to see England's young players play really well. It seems like England should have a good squad for some time to come.

Too bad I just started a job or else I would have bought tickets. Plus I've been so out of it adjusting to the new job I didn't even remember the match was going to be played in Chicago where I live!!!!!

Would have loved to have seen that game in person. Being a soccer fan from the States I've only seen one real match. I went to Spain and saw Real Madrid defeat Real Oviedo 4-0 in Madrid. What made it so great was that Figo received the "Ball of Gold" that game and every person in the stadium were waving these sheets of paper that were metallic gold. It was a great sight to see.


yea, US had a lot of chances in the 2nd half. A lot of UK people there. I guess they were taking vacations and going to see the England vs Poland game in NY next weel. Tuffgong, chicago is a nice city. Really liked it a lot, a lot better than a lot of the other places i have visited.

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