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9 Nov 2002
ive just recently finished adding the fans and heatsink to my new computer. on reconnecting everything, the computer wont turn on. the psu makes an odd buzzing noise after connecting the atx power cable.

anyone know whats going on, and why nothing will turn on? the button is correctly configured, so its nothing to do with the button not being connected properly.

specs as per sig. the fans all come on, but power down. im getting nothing from other hardware though. the fan on the psu is also starting and stopping.
sounds like the power supply is being overloaded. disconnect some fans and drives and try again. if it works, start shopping for a new power supply.
ive taken everything but the hdd and dvdrw drive out and still nothing but buzzing.

the psu is 450w. it worked fine until this evening!

please help, ive got so much work to do!!
it could have blown, is it generic? also, let it set unplugged for a few hours, you would be surprised how many times that has worked for me.
Go to one of the fan inlets on the PSU and take a few whiffs; is a pungent ozone odor present? Had a brown-out recently? That can also short it. But the way you describe, something sounds shot in it, like it's shorted and only some current is getting through.
damn bud, calm down... go to a local shop and get another psu..
so you think a new psu will fix it? this ones brand new! :s
Since that is brand new, I would return it and just get another one.
test the PSU 1st

use the guide in the link below, all you need is a piece of wire, if when you short the power its still making that funny noise, its knackerd, if it spins up normally you have another problem, just replace the motherboard mounting block and test again, if its still bad take the motherboard out the case and test it on the bench, on newspaper is fine. remove everything, cpu ram cards and see if the psu spins up normally, if it doesnt the motherboards died. if it powers, add cpu and test again, then ram, until you get a faulty part. could be something as daft as a motherboard mount in the wrong place shorting it out. even if the PSU is dead and you get a new one, strip and rebuild just incase you made a boo boo along the line, happens to the best of us :)

since this happened after just adding fans, i'm sure the thing is dead. take it back to the store. or get a replacement as it should still be under warranty.
this is gonna sound stupid but did you make sure the red voltage switch is in the right place? 115 volts i think?
we had that poliy, but things like PSU's are swopped out fast, ring em and see what they can do.
ive the psu packed, ill post it tomorrow.

isnt there a chance that this'll happen when i insert the replacement? i have no idea what caused it.
well hence me saying rebuild the pc and tripple check the mobo's mounted right, leave all the add on's disconnected and test the psu off the kit b4 u start, then work up to a full build, they will tell you where to go if you try and return a 2nd blown PSU if it's another part doing the damage.
When you hit a problem like this go back to the start. See the attached file.


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