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Urgent Help Needed


I hope someone can help me out here with advice, my main xp machine wont boot into windows, it loads the windows xp botting screen and then just goes no further.

I havent got the xp cd, as i borrowed it from a freind of which i have now lost contact. Ive tried booting from my orignial system recovery cd but i this didnt work as it stated the wrong operating system found. Ive also tried booting with a win 98 floppy disk but this gives me a dos command promt with cd rom support, so ive tried to install Win me from the dos promt but said something about wrong system files on hd. All i wish to do is format the c drive and resinall win me from my recovery cd but i cant seem to get it to work.

Can anyone please help, is thier a command i can type from the dos promt to format the drive then reisntall windows ? if so please can u tell me how.

Any help would be very grateful.

Many Thx


It sounds like you have NTFS file system, so you need to delete the old partiion before you can install ME
The command that your looking for is FDISK
Help again plz

ok i got the fdisk command but i have 2 drives in my sytem do i format both and how do i allocate the one to which i want to put windows back on ???


Are all of your partitions NTFS?
WARNING by deleting partitions you will lose all data on the drive
you want to delete any NTFS partitions on the primary drive (fdisk should be showing you the primary drive by default). Then you need to create a primary partition.
Window ME cannot read NTFS partitions, so you may want to go ahead and delete any NTFS partitons that you have.

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