Urgent help needed: PC wont power up.


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17 Jun 2003
I got my new cpu today and replaced the one already in the system. However, when I came to powering up the system, nothing happens. I thought I forgot to switch on the PSU at first so I check the rocker switch on the back, but still nothing.

I think the PSU is still alive because this zip noise when I turn the rocker switch to the 'off' position (as it always have done).

I do hear a really faint clicking noise when i put my ear right in the box, and have noticed a faint blinking light on the front panel (power LED).

Can anyone help me here please?
Could be your power supply. I recently bought a new Antec NeoHE 500 which was incapable of powering my AMD64 3200+ with 1GB of RAM once I hooked up a CDROM or a SATA hard drive. The old 350W PSU I had previously had run it just fine for ages just on the noisy side ;)
Hope not... I has been working fine for the past 2yrs. I'll try to test it on my older system later to confirm.
Put back the old CPU see if it powers up

Done that already... still doesn't power up... still get the same very faint clicking noise when rocker switch is turned on... sounds like it's coming from the motherboard itself - definitely isn't coming from PSU.

Update: Just tested the PSU on an older system and it still works.
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I would try another PSU sounds like that one might have kicked it !
As I said, it still works. Just tested it on an older system
I've removed all internal hardware, leaving only the motherboard and PSU connected. Still same thing. The faint clicking noise is coming from the LAN port, which the light blinks continously.

Can anyone confirm that my mobo is fried?
Have you double-checked to make sure the wires from the case are correctly connected to the motherboard? I screw that up every time lol!
Have you double-checked to make sure the wires from the case are correctly connected to the motherboard? I screw that up every time lol!

I've not removed any cables except for the 24-pin power.

Anyway, I've managed to get an RMA from the retailer, and the mobo should be collected within the next few days. :)
I think it is definitely the motherboard, as the sign of the LAN light on doesn't mean much, as its possible to have a good PSU but something on the board has gone - there have been a few cases here where Dell GX520s have committed semiku during mid usage (usually powersaving mode does it) and as far as the PSU / LAN light is concerned, everything is fine. You even get a light bee on the dell to show you the power is connected / running through.
IF the fans don't spin most likely you shorted a trace on the MB by shifting the MB when you installed the new CPU.

Pull the MB out of the case and look for damage near the feet on the under side and look for scratches near the CPU socket (install accidents happen). If no signs of physical damage:

-Hook up the PSU, video, CPU, RAM with the MB out of the case sitting on a non-conductive surface ( I use an old box). See if the MB boots. You will need to hook up the case switch or short the switch pins on the MB header to start the PSU.

If the MB boots out of the case carefully reinstall it making sure the screws are centered on the MB and all should be fine.

If the MB doesn't boot then you may have broken a MB trace or solder joint when installing the new CPU. RMA time.

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