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Urgent Damaged USB + Motherboard

XP Does not recognise any usb devices at all.
Pc has been formatted since the problem 1st occured and the drivers which came with the motherboard are installed. All Drivers etc have been installed correctly, and i have checked the motherboard for damage or loose connection but there still isnt any. I have checked bios settings and everything is the same as before. Problem occured after installing a Verto 5950 Ultra Graphics card. this is the second graphics card ive used in the AGP Slot and they both show display corruption. the 1st graphics card showed the same corruption ( at that time usb devices worked) it was only on Comp Restart after installing the Graphic drivers that usb devices failed to get recognised. All usb ports are found and installed in device manager, and when any usb device is plugged in it says " New hardware detected" then it says "USB Device not recognised" i have tried several devices and they all do not work in any usb port.
USB Devices do not work in safemode.

I am thinking this is a Physicall Problem, but all suggestions are welcome.
If anyone can tell me where in uk i can get a Chaintech 7NJ2 Zenith from i would apprecicate it. or an Equilvent...Perfably cheap lol
i really need help here, i dont mean to sound impatient, im on a crap comp at the mo, n i need mine up n running by end of the week so please can someone help me.

Does it sound like a physical problem?
Also if it is, can i remove my CPU from Old Mobo an place it in new 1 if i can somehow get the money 4 a new mobo?

Please Help

I Noticed when the pc booted up that time the usbs stopped workin it had said updating ESB or something like that? Not sure Exact thing


Try removing the drivers for each usb device you have installed, after reboot, let windows install them, reboot and see picture below, uncheck rather than mine checked.


Yea i completley formatted the HD, Plugged in the Printer USB Cable, Windows Said Unkown Device, Device Installed (For some reason) then USB Device not Recognised, i then tried to install the drivers on the Cd but XP would not allow me to do so, this has happend for all USB Devices.


Only other thing I can think of, is that, when inside you may have knocked off some small wires. Usually you have like a row of 2X4 or 2X5 pins with oblong heads with thin wires going out of them, they each have a -v +v or a number on them that you plug onto the pins via looking on mobo which goes to which.

I dunno what else to suggest really, apart from, you did mention your usb in bios , is it set to usb 2.0? Usually it says, 1.1 or 2.0. If the device connecting to usb port needs to be usb 2 then of course use 2.0, if not then just stick to 1.1.

Could be anything, does your mobo require an installation disk?
Ill Look ova the mobo 1 more time to see if anything was knocked. n yea usb says 2.0 in bios. Motherboard cd? well it came with Cd containing USB 2.0 drivers (which have been installed) and with Nvidia Nforce Drivers, ive tried them and the newer set but still no luck.
They Are Nforce Drivers, but not the ones on that link, the ones on the link are for Nforce 4 only, My Mobo is Nforce 2, i have tried the ones on the disk ( Cant remember Version Number) and the latest for Nforce 2 Mobos being Version 5.10
no i dont think so, think its just screwed in. So could it be that when puttin the new Graphics card in the usb part on the mobo has pushed against the bk n perhaps broke?
well in my mate's case.. the mobo had no raisers - it lay completelyflat against the mobo tray and basically the USB's starting overloadingand then eventually the whole mobo died. Just wondering if thatmight be the cause, always use raisers.

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