Urgent! Comp Freezes at Random

Hi all

Well as u can see from the thread title my PC justs Hangs, Doesnt Restart Just hangs, i restart the computer and sometimes i get the xp Error Send Report thing, well i sent the report n it said bout my Creative live 5.1 Sound card, as im usin the drivers that came with the Cd wen i got my pc bout 2yrs ago, reason i dont update the drivers r i can never get 5.1 to work on them, however i may install new drivers if the problem happens again, or should i put the sound card in another PCI Slot? Last time my comp kept Hangin like this i Just Reformated Both Drives and swapped the IDE Cables over, fixed the problem however for last 2 weeks the comp has been randomly crashin, Normally Wen left alone, if im usin the pc it dont crash but if i leave it for long amounts of time it does it, anway over the last two weeks the hangin has become more Frequent and the pc on Restart Either Doesnt Detect Any IDE untill i push Reset again or Tells me NDTL or NTDL is missin or something, a total Power off and Power on Fixes this n Pc Loads Normally, What Should i do n wat in your experience or based on ur knowledge could be the probable Cause of this? Pls Help ive only just my pc bk to how i wanted it without this happening :(



p.s if it is my main hard drive which sum1 sed to me last time this happend can i put XP on my 2nd drive with Formatting the 2nd Drive? as i cant really bk it all up


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Have you tried system restore?

How about dropping your XP cd into and boot from it. Then choose the option of letting XP repair itself (Not the Recovery console option, but the other repair option). Sounds like something is corrupting your Windows system files Was it hanging before the audio driver install? try to pinpoint down after which driver/proggy install does your machine choke on.

i rebooted my pc about a month ago becos the pc had the same problem, Except it got so bad the pc wudnt even start, so i reformatted both drives n changed IDE Cables, Everything was workin gr8 up untill 2 weeks ago where it started hanging again, n yea the same audio driver has been installed the whole time.


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it is possible your powersupply may be failing...

I had the same tell-tale signs before my last psu decided to breathe its last and wave the white flag :)

it may not be the PSU in your case... but the possibility exists...

just something to keep in mind if your computer does not boot up and you can't get it to turn on again regardless of what you do...
I think ive Narrowed it down, The Pc Wont Turn off sometimes n So just Restarts by itselft, i think this is caused by the soundcard or the Drivers for it, so ill try Newer Drivers, However when the pc Freezes n i restart the PC Either Doesnt Detect Any IDE or does but then Freezes again unless i push the reset button on the pc and then everything runs fine untill it happens again. Any Ideas? n the PSU is the only thing in my pc i aint Replaced since i got the pc, that and the main HD
ok i just installed the KX Project drivers but no matter wat i do it always sounds abit Tinny or Static Like, i know how to change most of the settings but cant find the Exact Balance i want for My 5.1 System, under the SB Live Drivers all i had to do was click on Movie Mode n it was the Exact Rite Balance, the movie mode on these seems to b abit tinny n static like, Any Suggestions?
My Computer Froze today 4 the 1st time since i installed the KX project Drivers for my soundcard, which is the longest time in ages the comp hasnt Frozen For, What should i try now?

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