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upgrading to windows 98se?


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Will I lose anything if I install windows 98se over existing window 98? I have a friend that keeps getting IE general page faults like every few seconds. She has window 98 on a sony vaio pc built in 99. She also uses compuserve as her email program. I am going to save all her mail and files to disk first, then do an upgrade install to the same windows directory as now.

Also, I tried to get into her machine's bios and someone put a password on it or it came with a password and she doesn't know where the manual for the cputer is.

The model is a PCVE 302D.

Any help, suggestions or comments are welcome. Thanks.

And I know, she needs to get a new computer. She is old and is comfortable with windows 98. She said she would eventually get an XP laptop.


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Windows 98SE is an upgrade to Windows 98, so you shouldn't lose any data. Always best practice to back things up, but it should go smoothly.

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It can be done of course, but I doubt if it will fix the problems she is having. Best to do a clean install, especially if it's from '99.
The upgrade should be no problem. I did the 95 to 98 to 98SE with no data loss.

If the upgrade doesn't cure the crashes then you could always install an old version of Netscape or one of the other browers as a "fix". Not sure if Mozilla or the newer browsers will work in 98SE.

If the PC is from '99 it must have a tiny HD (~400MB). Just image it to another drive or a CD for that matter. Then you can do a full restore.

If she is old (like over 65) you might want to talk her out of a laptop. The keyboards are small, the touch pad is a nuisance and using it might be an issue if there are any joint or arthritic problems. A desktop size screen would be a good idea too.

PS Compuserve is still an operating business entity? I ditched those idiots 7 years ago. They make AOL look like saints. Compuserve were good in the early days but never made the transition to the real Internet.


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I meant that explorer keeps doing the illegal operation thing over and over not IE.

The hard drive is 10 GB so it must have been replaced once.
Hello, LeeJend.

LeeJend said:
...Not sure if Mozilla or the newer browsers will work in 98SE....
I recently bought my sister a used Dell Dimension 8300 (3.0-GHz, Pentium 4) to use to work from home; it came with Windows XP Home, and I did a clean installation.

She, her husband, and their two children still have a Pentium-II Gateway ATX tower that came with Windows 98 (first edition) installed.

I have reinstalled Windows 98 several times, including running the Windows 98SE update CD-ROM and there was no data loss.

Regarding the use of newer browsers with Win98SE, I installed the latest version of Firefox on the Gateway running Windows 98SE and it works great. I also installed the most current version of Thunderbird, which is working great.

They just got cable-modem Internet access, but I remind them almost every day that they need to cancel their dial-up AOL account. I hope that they will do so soon. (I remember when my mother made the same type of change a few years ago, and AOL did not want her to cancel her account; I will not repeat the reasons why they said she "needed" AOL, plus her cable modem, to access the Internet.) :laugh:

Anyway, Firefox and Thunderbird work well under Windows 98SE, based that experience.



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