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Upgrading Processor



As you can see I have a 1.8ghz P4 CPU, but have just heard that a 3ghz P4 is now out!

When I feel the need, will I be able to upgrade my processor and if so can I upgrade to the new 3ghz P4's??

A friend said I cant upgrade my processor because it has a 400mhz bus (what ever that means!?) and that they don't make these no more!!! :(

Also I am running windows XP home and it can be quite slow for a new computer. Would upgrading my graphics card have much of an effect? If so, which card is recommended for my computer?

I will be forever grateful if anyone can help me. I have included a MSinfo document, if that helps.

Any recommendations on improving my computer will be gratefully accepted.



Upgrading your RAM to 512Mb or higher will speed up XP, as its very memory intensive.

Yea. a better graphics card wouldnt do any harm, but what you have is reasonable, just dont expect to play games in all there glory. You'll need at least a Geforce Ti4200 or higher for that. ( I mean FFSA, and high resolutions).

You WILL have to change your motherboard for a 3Ghz P4, as the FSB has indeed gone up for those CPUs. The most you could up your CPU to with your current motherboard is probably a 2ghz.
Another thing you can do...

...is reduce some of the more transparent overhead. Goto My Computer, right-click
/properties/advanced/Performance/settings/adjust for best performance. If you like the look of XP style you can check 'Smooth edges of screen fonts' and 'Use visual styles on window and buttons' to maintain the new XP look but yet maintain low system overhead.

If you are using NTFS, right-click on your drives and uncheck 'Allow indexing service to save disk space' this will allow your XP environment to run faster.

Good Luck!

Rock On!!!

o0RaidR0o :cool:



Thanks again.

If I was to change my motherboard would i have to change anything else (tower etc..)?


No, your case should be fine, just double check the PSU is more than 300w, 350+ will do fine.



hardware monkey
sacred, when you say xp is slow, what do you mean? if the games are slow, then upgrade your graphics card. geforce4 ti's or radeon 9k+'s are good. if it's slow when you have lots of programs open, get more memory. newer games also take advantage of extra memory.

your motherboard may support up to a 2.4ghz (400mhz bus) at the most, but you'll have to contact dell on that one... it depends on their bios. if you get a new board and don't want to buy new memory, make sure you get one that uses ddr memory. also make sure the board supports the new 533mhz processors. lastly, make sure your power supply is powerful enough by making sure it's rated at at least 300 watts.


hardware monkey
i know... but i don't want him going out and spending $200 on a video card if xp is, say, loading or switching between windows slowly.

also didn't wanna see him get a new board and everything just to have 3ghz... he may possibly be able to simply pop in a 2.4ghz into the board he has now and save lots of money.
Whatever you do, don't put your new mobo in with your Dell Power supply!!!!! Dell wires their PSUs different so you will blow up your mobo, and PSU if you plug try and use the Dell PSU!


hardware monkey
where did you read this, goatman? and why would dell do this?

hell, go ahead and try it.. and if it does manage to destroy your mobo/psu, threaten to sue!


hardware monkey
wasn't much evidence there, but it does seem to be a thing going around the forums so maybe it's valid. all the more reason to stay away from pre-built comps from those places. yeesh.

why would dell do that? if people find that out, they'll stear clear of dell cuz they'll hardly be able to upgrade anything. and people that don't know about it and decide they want to upgrade their mobo will be in for a surprise and will most likely never buy a dell again.

i just don't get it. bad business practices.
They claim the new ATX wiring is more efficient at getting the power to the parts on the mobo that need it... it's their updated ATX connector
I tried to change the mobo of an old Dell PII 233. Luckily I noticed the colors were wrong on the connector. Really stupid. It's the same connector, just different order. The rest of the mobo is standard as well.


Thanks Guys For all your help.

My problems come about when I open many applications and when I play games. So I have decided (when I get the money) to upgrade my graphics card and get as much RAM as possible.

Do any of you guys know of any-where I can get cheap DDR RAM in the UK?


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