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Upgrading Memory


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I was trying to upgrade my computer from 1g of 3200ddr ram to 2g. I went to Newegg and purchased 1g of corsair memory in 2 512 sticks. I then installed them into my computer and booted up. My computer would see the memory but I was getting ALOT of stop errors and BSODs. So I tried every combination with the new memory and the old memory I had and nothing worked right. The only way I got my computer back to normal was to replace the old memory and take out the new. I checked out to see if the memory I bought was compatible with my mobo, which is a Asus P4c800 deluxe, and it was. Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong or did I just get a bad set of memory. I even tried replacing the new memory and putting it into the same slots as the memory I have now and that didn't work either.

Thanks for your help
I would download Memtest86 and perform a memory scan, let it do 2 passes through your memory and if you get any errors, then your new memory is bad. You may have to do 1 stick at a time for this test to see which ones are bad.
There was been a problem with some ASUS high performance MB's wanting the memory to have it's voltage pushed a little. If the memory voltage is adjustable try adding 0.05V (or 0.1V if that is the smallest step allowed) to the setting. Likewise you can manually retard the timings a little.

You really shouldn't have to do these steps but it seeoms to be getting more and more common.


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I have experianced that corsair value ram doesn't like extra voltage, and doesn't like other brands due to it's loose timings.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks for all of the suggestions, I'm going to try a few later on. But wouldn't it suggest that the memory is bad if I put just the new memory in and the same thing is happening. After I hit the internet I get an error message saying the interent explorer has experienced a problem and needs to close. And always after that happens it blue screens.

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