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Upgrading.. CPU & RAM Questions...



I am going to be upgrading my computer soon and have 2 questions I hope someone can help me with. Right now I have a AMD 2100 and 512 DDR 266 ram. My wife is going to get these in a ASUS MB I have. I want to upgrade mine a little. I checked Pricewatch.com and prices are low! I have a KT4V MSI K7 MB. Now in the manual it says "Supports up to 2800 or higher speed" so I am guessing I can go up to a 3000 if I want to. Also.. could somoene explain the difference between Barton CPU's and regular ones? which is better?

Then for RAM I am looking at getting 512 megs of either 333 of 400 (2700, 3200) Is there that much different from the 2? Should I save the money and just get 333?

Those are my 2 main questions. Any info would greatly help me. Thanks!
first, a Barton has twice the cache than you standard Tbred B.

Second get the faster RAM, just in case you decide to use a CPU with the faster 400 MHz FSB.
I have a 3000+ with 512mb 400 DDR, it does make a difference, of about .4gb of transferred memory with the faster RAM. So definetly if you can get the 400 :)

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