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Upgrading Cellphone


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I have been using an HTC Touch Diamond with Telus in Canada for awhile now, not long enough to get any great deals on a new phone but that is not what I am talking about.

Ignoring the pricing on the phone, finally the iPhone will be coming to Telus over here in Canada (i like them more then Rogers or Bell). My issue is that most of Telus's phones, at least the HTC Touch Diamond version is CDMA, I would love to upgrade to the iPhone with my plan still in tact.

My question is that possible. I called Telus but they aren't really talking about anything related to the iPhone untill it's released. So I thought I would ask here, because it's more of a technical question then just a service question. Can it be done, or would I need to create a whole new data plan and all that?



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No that is the article I read to find it out. So still not talking, until release day.

But would a company like Telus be able to move my account and all that from CDMA to GSM? Or technically not possible?


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It will depend on the plan you currently have. do you pay for a data package or just web browsing. if you pay for just web browsing then you will have to change you plan as a data package will be required. other wise its just a Hardware upgrade.

Technically its just a change in there billing system.


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That is good news.

I have an $80/month full data plan, basically there most full package available. I am glad I will be able to get the iPhone. Thanks.


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Everyman and his dog has the iphone right now.
If your in the market for a touch screen, I'd personally recommend the nokia n97.
I currently own an n97 and I can honestly say its the best phone I've ever laid my hands on.
Touchscreen and full keyboard FTW :)

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