Upgrade without reinstalling XP Pro?


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I am not sure which forum to put this.

Is it possible to upgrade the motherboard, cpu, memory, HD and video card without reinstalling XP? Here's why:

My wife has her email, Hello Kitty theme, and music on this older computer and now I use it to burn dvd's and other things and find it needs to be upgraded.

It currently has duron 900, 512 pc 133 ram, 64mb sis video card and 80 gb hd. I can upgrade to an athlon 1500 cpu, 1gb of pc 2100 ram and a 128mb video card for more money than buying a new motherboard/cpu combo so I don't know what to do. She is picky about any changes that happen to her profile. So if I could get the better Motherboard, cpu, memory, it would work better for me, but I could only go that route if I can do it without a complete reinstall of everything.

Before you all say just get your own computer, I have one, but hers is downstairs in the family room and convient for me and my son to use. Mine is in the bedroom upstairs. My son also has his own pc.

Yes, it can be done BUT it may not work out and you may have performance issues afterwards.

If you have a HD you can image your wifes old HD to for a backup I'd say try it. You can always go back to the image and try again if you mess up.

The method:
1) Image the old HD!!!!!!!!!!!
2) Get rid of the system restore points.
3) Go into device mangler and uninstall everything to remove the old drivers.
4) Delete any old hardware specific drivers/folders from the HD (MB, Video, etc) so Windows doesn't reinstall automatically at boot.
4) Set the video to 800x600 so you can boot ok.
5) Replace everything.
6) Have the install CD's handy and reboot. Follow the instructions for the vid card and MB, not the windows new hardware whizzard.
7) Wait a week to make sure all is well then call MS and reactivate. The correct answer is my old MB died and I had to replace everything but the HD. ;)

I've done this a few times flawlessly, sometimes tweaking was required.

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