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Upgrade Problem

I just received my retail copy of xp pro today after two weeks,so I put it in, it seemed to load ok but when the desktop came up I didn't any icons,went to the start menu the programs were just the basic ones
Went to my computer clicked on c drive and all my programs are there. So what did I do wrong ????

:eek: :confused: :eek:
The only icon you should have had showing is the recycle bin. Right click on the desktop> properties> 'desktop' tab> 'customize desktop' button. You can select whatever standard desktop icons you want there.

Did you install a bunch of programs under a different account? Open Window Explorer and navigate to the 'Documents and Settings' folder. Under each user account, there's a 'start menu' folder... you can go into each one and cut/copy and paste the shortcuts to any of the other accounts. Some programs are quirky and may need to be reinstalled under the account you're logged in under.
Thank's Lonman ,yes the recycle bin was the only one on there.
I was running RC-1 evaluation copy and I think it was set to default and had to log on,at least with a password...

I have a lot of programs to cut/paste I think????
Office xp,Three cad progams,and so on:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Yeah, it's kind of a pain having to do all the cutting and pasting. If you're going to need these programs in different user accounts, then put everything in the 'All Users' start menu group. Enjoy XP ;)
Yeah, that's right. You might even have ones called 'default user,' 'administrator,' and/or 'guest' as well as the ones you recognize. It depends if you've ever logged in under them whether or not they're crearted.

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