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Updating BIOS

Haven't a clue when it comes to this, I have already d/l the appropriate stuff but dont know what to do with it now, anyone know a good site that explains SIMPLY how to go about this?

Shamus MacNoob

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First why? unless there is a very specific reason to do so why flash bios? are you upgradeing and the new CPU wont be detected ? unless you have a serious issuse that the new bios is made to correct you should not flash the bios ..... but if you have to you need to make a floppy with the files from your boards site and there should also be a readme with that if not there should be something on their site ........ but if you dont have a clue about flashing a bios I suggest leaving it alone unless it is a do or die situation
I think i agree with you Kermit, its not worth the risk, the only reason i was thinking about attempting it was that it was 2 years old.

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