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The new batman movie looks amazing! All the other batman movies were terrible (so terrible they were almost good :) ). This one actually looks like a true batman movie. I can't wait.


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NetRyder said:
I haven't seen the trailers for the other two movies you mentioned, to be honest. I'll have a look later today. :)
No problem, man. But do watch them if you get time. They look pretty good. And the trailer that I posted for Batman Begins is the new one. Don't know if you have seen it... it's not the teaser though. :)
Elektra just looks like to much Hype and gona be crap... imo anyway lol : )

I wana see the Follow up to Get Shorty

Looks like its gona be wikid with the Actors in there plus The Rock playin a gay part should be funny LOL

Think its that anyway and he does cant find Trailer


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Johnny Depp looks just plain cool in that movie poster I saw the other day. Other than Jim Carrey (I watched "A Series of Unfortunate Events" yesterday, great film), I think he'd fit the role perfectly.


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Not looking forward for depp playing in coco factory. He isnt really a happy jolly looking person. Like he plays in scary movies and all that stuff. Jim Carrey prob would of been better.
War of the Worlds will be pathetic. (Common cold wins in the end, again...)
EleKtra will be a major disappointment (except for the T&A).

Constantine looks interesting.
Pacifier should be good unless they blew all their good lines in the teaser.
Batman may be worth seeing, hard to say, they butchered the others so badly.

As for Aviator, I just can't picture peewee playing Howard Huge.

I'll skip Willie and his chocolate wonka...

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