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Hi Guys,

I keep getting a USB device unknown error come up all the time. I unplugged the front USB connections, to no avail. I do not have any USB devices connected to the back (mobo), never did.

I have reset the BIOS, and it still comes up. It starts with a USB icon in the system tray, then when I double click on it, this opens up:

Again, I don' thave anything hooked up to the USB connectors, I never had. And I have reset the BIOS as well.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,



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Well, when you disable the USB in the BIOS, do you have any accessible USB ports at all?

Have you installed any new hardware since you started doing this?

Have you tried re-installing chipset drivers?

Can you uninstall all the USB devices, and then re-install? If you do it, try using Windows Update for that time only to find the drivers.


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Thanks KC,

After screwing around trying to figure out what is happening,

I reset the BIOS once more, now it won't boot at all.

Mobo just died, Oh well. I guess that's RMA is going to be for.....

Thanks for answering.

Was going to post after I got off phone with GigaByte.



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What exactly do you mean by "reset the BIOS"? Does that mean you reverted to Factory settings? I assume that makes sense, but only would have been viable if you were messing with the BIOS before it started happening. Also not sure why doing that would have made the system non-bootable - what is the error or message you are getting?


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Resetting as in pulling the battery. This reverts the mobo back to factory settings.

It booted up and then shut off by itself. Didn't even go into POST the final few times. No beeps either. Just a vast sea of blackness on my screen. The USB problem was actually just the beginning of the mobo's demise.

Funny thing about phoning the tech department. I tell them that I have done everything about trying to get it going. Then they tell me to repeat the procedures again over the phone. Oh well ,guess they have to do that.



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That's why cmos resets are discouraged.

You should unplug the PS, then turn on the power supply and computer for a few minutes to bleed down any stored charge. If you reset CMOS with the computer on or with any residual charge stored the Bios chip can get erased (not just the setup info, the entire bios).

I thought they had fixed this a few years ago. I have lost 2 motherboards to the problem when I got careless doing cmos resets without letting the voltages bleed all the way down.

As for the original problem.

I'm guessing you have an application installed that expects to see a USB device (web cam, card reader, printer, scanner, etc). Since the device is not plugged in you get the error message. Most USB device applicaitons are smart enough not to do this.

Or it's the USB in the chipset dying. But yo've taken care of that problem....
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Gigabyte replaced three chips on the mobo (They named the chips, but I don't remember which ones they said), it has passed 48 burn-in, and is on the way back.

I didn't know this but Gigabyte actually fixes the mobo's, not just throw a refurbi'ed unit in the mail as a replacement.


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