united offensive - stuck!! Literally

Im a Russian at Kursk 3 (thats what its called when auto saved) and in a tank. After I destory all tanks my 3 tanks that Im with are in line waiting to advance, when I approach them he yells .......wrong way comrade. So when I go back from where we came from he starts yelling the same thing???? Im in a circle and cant go anywhere? Does anyone know what Im talking about?
my objective are

Proceed to the town of Prokhorovka (which I cant go anywhere - im in a circle)

Eliminate all German resistance in your path (which I have, all tanks are destroyed -Im just driving around)

very frustrating :(


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how far are you into the level? i can't remember either but just blow everything that you can up like houses and stuff see how that goes
when I follow the other tanks they say wrong way....all three of my tanks are lined up like they are waiting to go out into an open field.

As far as how far I am....its hard to explain I guess. I just destroyed a tank and a single man anti tank weapon that was right next to it driving down a dirt path (not sure what its called)

Ill keep trying...thanks though

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