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Uninstall part or all of Doom3


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Hi Guys,

I tried to uninstall Doom3 using the Add/Remove console. I guess something got corrupted somewhere as the game is still in my machine and still listed in the Add/Remove list. I then tried uninstalling it from the All Programs/Doom3/Uninstall Doom3, it says that it cannot locate the uninstall file. Is there something that I can do to remove it?
The reason that I am trying to remove it is that I installed a "Trent Reznor" sound mod, now the game hangs when starting it up. It eventually starts playing, but it never did that before the mod install. Maybe if there is a way to remove just the mod itself?

Thanks in advance,



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The mod should be in it's own .pk4 file in your doom 3\base\ directory - if you cant find it or it works some other way try reintalling the game over the top then uninstalling it again. If this still doesn't work, try running regedit, do a search for any references to doom, and delete them all (you may want to creat a system retore point first ;)). After that delete the entire doom 3 directory from within program files (you may also want to make a copy of your savegames folder and put it out of harms way unlesss you want to start from the beginning of the game - this is located also inside your \base directory simply restore it after reinstaling the game).

But if you do find the offending pk4 file simply delete it, btw don't touch the following:

pak000(to 004).pk4

as these are the original game .pk4s and it won't work without them.

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