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Uninstall Microsoft Office


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Hi guys .. I recently bought a new notebook from IBM / Lenovo only to find out that the manufacturer has bundled in Microsoft Office and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Truth to be told, I am not a Microsoft Office user and would like to uninstall it from my system. Unfortunately when I click on uninstall programs option, I find a whole bund of list under Microsoft Office.

Isn't there any easier way to do the uninstallation? I didn't ask for it so why do they always have to bundle with crap softwares?

Appreciate if anyone could help me out on this issue. Thank you. :laugh::laugh::laugh:


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what version of office? do you have any screenshots? most times, under add/remove programs, you choose to uninstall office, there should be an option to just uninstall it.

Beyond that, my other recommendation that I usually give to anyone that buys a new computer is to wipe and reload using a base install and start fresh without all the crap that most new computer manufactures throw on there.

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most of the list under office will probably be updates for office 2003/07 - which ever you are using and as fitz says its safe to uninstall just by clicking remove/uninstall :)

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