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Undo a dual boot


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I installed a new second HD lately and installed ubuntu on it. I used the ubuntu install disk to install a dual boot. Now I want to replace the second HD with my wife's HD, since I need to back it up before I format it. I can't boot at all without both of my own HD's. How can I fix the boot so that I can replace the second HD for a while?


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When you added Ubuntu you added the boot loader from it it more than likley in the boot folder on the windows partition. At least i think. You need to remove the linux boot loader file. I am not experienced enough to give more info than this.


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If you do not want disturb your setup try this approach. Find a cheep usb case and install your wife's drive into this and then you can backup your wifes drive. If you look hard enough you can find a case for $20 and later on you can install a different drive and use this setup as a backup/external drive.


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Thanks for all the replies. I used the fixmbr to solve my problem.

The usb drive won't help me this time since I can't boot her computer.

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