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underlined green & blue text


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i tried a search for this but didn't find anything.

How do i stop those pesky "green and blue underlined" text on web-pages, theres so many now it's unreal. They just seen to pick a random word and a dam pop-up appears.

i tried google but there don't seem to be a easy way to stop them..


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The annoying green/blue double-underlined words you get on Webpages. If your mouse simply moves over them it pops up a advertising window. Seemingly they are called IntelliTXT links and there from Vibrant In-Text Advertising.
I better watch what i say as I heard someone got baned by posting how to disable them. I tried to disable them but IE9 keeps crashing so i had to enable them again.
I know websites need advertising but there's to many on some websites now and they seem to use ramdom words which don't relate to what i'm doing.


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You will find that a lot of websites are doing that now. It is called a hypertext. Google, for example, uses them in their ranking system and advertisments. They are mostly advertisements and can get annoying, but there is no way to really get rid of them.

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