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Hi People,
I'm having trouble with Windows XP home edition, or probably with what I've done myself.

I'm trying to logon as Administrator, to be able to use gpedit.msc and improve my bandwith as detailed in a tweak. I use CNTRL>ALT>DELETE, and type in Administrator and I leave the password box blank ( I can't remember ever setting an account called Administrator or supplying a password for it)

An alert box pops up saying that access is restricted or words to that effect.

Have I just been a dumbass and forgotten a password or is the problem deeper.

Spec : Medion 1.8ghz p4, 256mb ram, Windows XP home edition pre installed (good job too !)

Thanks in advance.

Tony D


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That is because you did actually set a password. This password was set during installation. However, any account with administrator privaleges can access gpedit.msc



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and just so ya know that bandwidth tweak does nothing unless you are actually running QOS apps and such and they are stealing bandwidth, so far there have been reports of people saying ti has done wonders for them, but every test i've seen show it hasn't improved anything...

I'm attributing it to the placebo affect...ya know, someone says it did somethin and your like oh yeah I notice it now!

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