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Unable To Connect To XP-erience Chat

I can never connect, I have Java Virtual Machine and the whole pack installed, and I'm not quite sure, is it me doing something wrong, or whatever. Either way, please help. Here is a snap shot of what goes on...


If you are behind a firewall, you need to open port 113. This will allow for ident to be accessed. Also, but not absolutely sure, since jIRC doesn't haven't ident installed with it, you might need to download ident. Try the attached. Good luck.


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Did you have both fields filled in? Happen to me as well EP told me to make sure both fields had something in them. Lemme know if that works
Yes, screen name, and full name is always filled in. Say, I put Nick M for both, and it does the same thing. Appears that I have Identd installed; look here...


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Thats the problem i keep telling [e]-Punk about using the irc.efnet.org random site resolver. It will sometimes bounce to servers that have either limit access by physical locaiton, IP mask, or even country; or limit access to only users with identd (most plain jIRC users dont have a server running identd). I think we should change the menu to only select servers that have open access lines and do not require identd, so that all users can get on.


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