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UK Unreal 2 / 2003 Release Dates

Originally posted by Electronic Punk

I am a bit suprised about the UT2003 box - no one ships games in boxes anymore do they ?
Some of them do in the States, not sure why they don't in the UK, probably something to do with you folks driving on the wrong side of the road, be my guess. :p

Good news on the release, been waiting for it. :(


Electronic Punk

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well all new games here in the UK now come in the plastic dvd cases, which are well groovy... ;)

as for driving on the left hand side of the road? Erm must have been some kind of command decision when the decision had to be made...


Yeah here in the states our pc games come out in boxs that are 4" by 7" i think. I read somewhere that we they were going to come out in dvd cases like you said they are in the uk but for some reson we went with what we did.

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