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UK iPhone confirmed on O2!


I may actually be insane.
I'm guess there's no pay as you go option? Personally I don't want to be tied to a contract, however, would rather like an iPhone :D Still, I'm in no rush to replace my current hand-set, so I'm willing to sit back and see how things play out :)


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I'm very happy with my N95 - at least I will be when it's been replaced with a brand new one, thanks to a high-pitched buzzing from the screen!
Got a phone call from Orange telling me my contract is now up for renewal. The O2 contract is quite tempting especially with the Wifi and Data deals (I get none of that with my Orange contract) in spite of the real limits to the "unlimited" service :p

Add to that better sync support and I am instantly sold on the idea. I don't have or use 3G now, so I won't miss it and I'm not one of those people who bitches about tactile feedback. My M600 has only onscreen input methods and I've been fine with that.

Guess I'll be holding on to my Orange contract til November then :p

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