uh oh do i need to reformat?


System32.exe is/was a virus.
Do you get this error when you start Windows?
Look in the registry at
for an entry referring to it and delete it.
Also at
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
the value for "Shell" should read nothing else than Explorer.exe.
I hate the word reformat and consider it a moral defeat but in your case I think it's time.

Before you reformat make sure all your removable media and any additional drives you have have all been cleaned or reformatted too.


viking lost down under
Hi prodj88
I have to agree with the others, re-format and start again. My recomendation is buy firewall and antivirus program for your computer, check weekly for new updates scan drives weekly for viruses.
I have had both now for at least 10 years and have copped only 3 viruses through maintaining this practice. Because I scan my computer on a weekly basis any viruses I cop are found within 7 days.

I re-installed win98se on my computer (dual system) went to MS site and downloaded all the updates for win98se. I had no firewall and no antivirus. When doing my weekly scan from XPHome, I found 3 files that were infected or should I say, I had 3 files that shouldn't be there.
The 3 files were msvxd.exe, msvxd16.dll and msvxd32.dll. The virus name is w32.datom worm. Now that was only once on the internet unprotected.

If I had used win98se again within that week that virus would have spread and many more files would have been affected.