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Ubuntu Networking: No IP for eth0

When I initially installed Ubuntu...I told it to use my D-Link 650+ wireless as the default network connection. That is all fine while I am using the laptop at home but when I got to the office this morning...I needed it to use the onboard network adapter at eth0. During the boot sequence, it got to the point where it was bringing up the network interfaces. It started spitting errors in relation to eth0...something about unable to set multicast or something along those lines. It eventually booted up to the desktop and I logged in. I opened a terminal and typed in ifconfig...it sees a network card at eth0 and gives the MAC address and even gives an IPv6 IP address...but no IPv4 address is listed. Is this an instance where I need to setup a profile for home and a profile for work? If so...how do I do that?....:(
what happens when you try

ifconfig eth0 inet <ipaddress> netmask <netmask>

oddly enough where <ipaddress> is the ip you would normally get and <netmask> is the network mask ;)
OK...I figured out what happened. It sees the built-in wireless as eth0 and eth1 is actually my on-board ethernet card. I edited /etc/network/interfaces and made the changes where needed and then typed ifup eth1 and its working now...thanks for the input.

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