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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Clean_Rich, Apr 2, 2003.

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    I have no experience in UT multiplayer know how. My question is, can two people, both on high speed but living in different locations, hook up for multiplayer games through the game without connecting to an outside server. Basically, we just want to hook up with us two only. Can this be done? Excuse my ignorance, I don't get the chance to game as much as I used to. :)
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    Short answer yes. One of you will have to set up a server through a program such as All Seeing Eye. But (isnt there always!) how high speed is your high speed connection? if you mean 512Kbs then the server (i.e. you or your friends connection)ping will be high as the computer is not a dedicated server and it has to go through a commercial ISP such as BT, NTL or Freeserve (UK). Best thing to do is find a server on ASE that only allows 2 people to play or a 1v1 map.
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    OTE: you are incorrect.

    It is possible to play multiplayer without any external programs. Run UT as a LAN game (not dedicated) and then have your friend connect to your IP. It's as easy as that. If you are both on highspeed and there will only be 2 of you then LAG will not be much of an issue.
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    Ok fair enough, but that was the impression i was under, as i do not play UT as much as other games. Happy gaming